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The Be Still Stack

The Be Still Stack

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Stay mindful and take back control of your mental well-being with our Be Still & Know Stack.

Three bracelets, including the Be Still and Know Scripture Bangle, the Be Still and Know Leather Wristlet, and the Heart in Turquoise Long-Strand Bracelet, come together to create a stacked look that will serve as a daily reminder to face stress, anxiety, and other life challenges head on with the Word of God at the helm.

You've got this because He's got you.

Product Facts: 

Be Still and Know Scripture Bangle:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Measurement: 2.75 inch diameter
  • Pieces per package: 1
  • Sold in increments of 2
  • SKU: 15623

Be Still and Know Leather Wristlet: 

  • Material:  Leather Wristlet w/ Zinc Alloy Plate
  • Measurement: 9.5-inch diameter with adjustable belt closure
  • Pieces per package: 1
  • Sold in increments of 2
  • SKU: 15651

The Heart in Turquoise Long-Strand Bracelet: 

  • Material: Vegan leather, metals, crystal glass, and hematite in construction 
  • Measurement: five robust strands when wrapped
  • Unisex design
  • Pieces per package: 1 strand 
  • Sold in increments of 2 strands
  • SKU: 15807
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